Happy Anniversary Video

To the Beautiful Couple

To the beautiful couple in all the land. May your Anniversary be Happy and Grand.


Celebrating this day is

Celebrating this day is such a wonderful experience. Because this is the day that I realize how lucky I am having the best boyfriend. Happy Anniversary!


When you are around

When you are around happiness fills in my heart.
As I see you again and again when you are away,
happiness fills in my heart.
As I think about the moments we spend together.
After you came to my life, I am always happy.
No matter where you are.
Happy Anniversary My Dear.


Remember the yesterdays

Remember the yesterdays,
Plan your tomorrows,
And celebrate your today,
Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple,
God bless both of you.


You complete me


A time to

Anniversary : A time to celebrate the beauty, gift, and the blessing of enduring love.


May today

May today be filled with happy memories of the past and bright hopes for the future.
Happy Anniversary!


I know that sometimes

I know that sometimes I am hard to deal with.
Still, you manage to stay by my side.
Thank you for just being there when I needed you most.
Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary from someone

Happy anniversary from someone you’re probably shocked knew it was your anniversary.